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Fuck Me Friday Phone Sex Special


Hey Guys I am running a special today that I think is just going to be too hot for you to pass up. On hot Fuck Me Friday I am offering a pair of my panties to send to you for your own personal pleasure for Free. !! Yes Free, all you need to do to get this is purchase  a 20 min call with me or me and one of my sexy friends and I will get them right out to you. You get to choose the style and color and I have so many to choose from. So come on guys take advantage of my panty drawer cleaning out party and call me for some hot fucking phone sex. We both deserve it don’t we?


Posted by: alluringalyssa | September 17, 2009

Sissy Phone Sex

547OK all you naughty lil sissy boys out there, let’s have a chat. He He

First: I am not a Mistress. I have my moments where my bitchy side comes out and IF you would happen to catch me in one of those moods be prepared for some serious pain and torture. I won’t fuck around with you. I am seldom this bitchy but you will know it when I am.

Secondly: I do enjoy sissies, BUT not in the way of controlling them. I like sissies to dress up and have fun with. I love the idea of having a girls night out, us getting dressed together, sharing clothes, doing each others nails, hair and makeup. Doesn’t that sound like so much fun, us going out on the town together, showing off how sexy and cute we are and putting on a show for the boys? If you are real good I will encourage you to take on all the cock in the club and show them what a slut you are. LOL Hey isn’t that what girlfriends are for?

Thirdly: I don’t want to sit in chat in Im’s all day talking about how much you love being a sissy. I would so much rather hear your girlie voice on the phone. It really does tire a girls fingers out to type to you all day, you wouldn’t want me to get carpel tunnel now would you? Isn’t it way more exciting to HEAR how sexy I think you are, and how much I love seeing you wearing those sexy hot panties? I love to visit with you but darling my hands will give out way before my mouth ever will.

Soooo in conclusion if you are looking for some sexy sissy phone sex where we can both have some fun together then please feel free to call me. I want to be your phone girlfriend who understands your needs to dress up in slutty clothes and become a whore for the night.



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Anal Phone Sex


You see me as you walk into the backyard to read the electric meter. You are shocked to see a naked lady on all fours, just wearing those sexy cum fuck me stiletto heels,looking like she is in need of a serious fucking. You are right, I am in a need of your cock. Come over here, let me slide those pants down. Let me get that cock out and stroke it til it is so super hard for me. Your hand reaches down between my ass checks, you slide a finger in and give me what I need. You hear me moan and feel me push my ass deeper onto your finger, Iwant more though so much more. I beg for you to give me your cock,crawl up behine me and slide that bad boy in. I feel you head slide just inside, OMG it feels so big and so good. Yes there is a little pain but with pain comes pleasure give it all to me I scream. Fuck my Ass now. You grab my hips and you thrust into me. You take me like the slut I am pounding harder, deeper, faster. Yes,Yes,Yes, my juices run down dripping onto you, you can’t take anymore, you explode deep inside my ass. Fuck YAY.Hmm I wonder if that ass fucking had anything with my electric bill not being so high this month. LOL

You in the mood for some anal phone sexy today? Give me a call and let’s fuck our brains out.


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Don’t you want to?












Don’t you just want to see me slide the straps of my sexy new red bra down my arms all the way so that the cups fall off my breasts and you can see my hard erect puffy nipples? Wouldn’t you like to touch them, squeeze my niples between your two fingers, maybe pull on them see how far you can make them stand out? Maybe then you want to take your tongue and lick them. Roll it around and tease me. Make me beg for you to do more. Suck them please I can’t take it anymore. My whole body heats up, my breathe gets deaper, Oh God please I need more. Wrap your lips on my breast and suck them. Hear me moan with desire for you. My hips thrust forward in search of your hand. I need to feel the pressure down there too, your thumb pressed against my clit, feeling the wetness you have created. Thumb circling my bud, I feel my feet leave the floor, my sensces out of control,I float away as you press harder one more time. That is what I crave and needed, that is the release I so wanted. This is you giving me the ultimate pleasure. Now it is time for me to return the favor. I slide down your body,still trying to get my wits about me, hungry for you. I need to taste you, I need to feel you raping my mouth with your cock. I open and I fee you enter. I taste, I ride you with my tongue I fuck you deep with my mouth. Fuck Me, Fuck Me harder I beg you with my eyes. You give me what I beg, you slam into me over and over, you fuck me until it is time for your release. Pounding, spurting, cummingggg. Your knees buckle, you fall next to me on the floor, you whisper that was so fucking hot. You tell me it isn’t over yet, to let you rest and then you will be ready for more. More?  What more in mind do you have for me? I eagerly await for MORE.

You in the mood for some hot oral phone sex, or perhaps some mutual masterbation phone sex? I am ready for you love, I really need to get off now.


Posted by: alluringalyssa | September 11, 2009

Submissive Threesome Phone Sex

10I had the hottest call yesterday with Mistress Emma and her Pet and I just had to share it with you all. First off Emma is so freakin sexy with the huge suckable more then a handful tits and she so knows how to use her body to get anything she wishes. I loved being in the middle of her and her sweet fuckbrat ( as she calls him). He actually is very good at knowing how to use is hard shaft to make a women or two scream in pleasure. My mind is still spinning on the ways we enjoyed each others bodies as it was so hot and intense but I do know that it was sexy as hell watching her use that strap on him while I enjoyed the treats of her hot pussy juices.emma02

I lost count of how many times I creamed myself but I know it was alot as when we was done my whole body was shakeing and I wasn’t able to stand up as I was totally drained. MMM thinking about the next time I get to join this wild couplefor some threesome phonesex and what they are going to do to me next. *winks* I hope they don’t keep me waiting too long.

Some words from Fuckbrat:

How does it feel PET to watch, i’d have my hands inside her hip pushing an sweat builds TO watch  she passion squirms wishing was her INSIDE MY HIPS (cumm 4 me) she feels i’d chant as touching the sexy thighs ummmmmmm AHHHHH as i watch across theroom in mirror her body moves and her face panting SO WETT ummmmmmmm ahhhhhh LET me feel it MISTRESS THEN TAKE !!!! ummm YES watch us FUCK does it excite yes IT does MISTRESS!    OH SEE HER CUMM come here LICK IT OFF u heard me come here 2 lick it off  UMMM    ty MISTRESS then as MISTRESS snaps her fingure U2 ride up down PETS hard DICK


Posted by: alluringalyssa | September 10, 2009

Morning Phone Sex

05I woke up this morning so incredibly horny I am not sure what got me that way other then maybe dreaming about this book I am reading about this mob guy turning his neighbor who has always been on the straight and narrow into his lawyer and using him as his alibi for his crimes. Well I guess I have always had the fascination for the bad guy(what girl doesn’t) and this book has seeped into my mind more then I figured I guess. So here I am awakening from dreaming about being the mob guys whore, used as his eye candy, getting wined and dined at the classiest restraunts imaginable. Not to mention that I have been put up in this amazing high rise condo with a expense account at any dept. store I want to make sure I always look my best. I have the finest silkiest lingerie that usually gets ripped off me shortly after I put it on, but who cares I just go out and buy more!!!

Would you like to be my mob boss this morning for some rauncy morning phone sex? Treat me like the whore that I am? Fuck me like you never could your wife? Give me a call I will be waiting for you lover.



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My Daddy


My first night back to bedtimebunniesand I got to play with daddy. YAY me. I just loves showing daddy how much I love him and making him feel like he is so special and the only man in my life. I know how lonely he has been since mom left and I just couldn’t stand to see him so miserable anymore.

Daddy did try to protest when I asked him if I could sit on his lap, he said I was getting to old,but I seen in his eyes he was happy that I persisted and sat there anyways.Once upn his lap I couldn’t help but snuggle with him and kiss him he really was shocked when I give him a big girl kiss and stuck my tongue in his mouth. he he I whispered to daddy that I wanted to show him how much I loved him and he said he already knew I loved him very much. I don’t think he knew what kinda love I was talking about until I pulled his cock out of his pants that was so hard already and started stroking him. Daddy tried to resist me but once my mind is made up that is it and when I pulled my wet panties aside and planted my pretty pussy on his cock there was no turning back and he starting ramming me and telling me how much he loved fucking his hot lil daughter Alyssa.

I promised daddy I would always be his sweet lil girl to love on whenever he needed me? I can’t wait to love daddy more he is so big and strong and makes me feel so good, especially when he dumps a huge load of cum deep up inside me.  Call me daddy for some more fantasy incest phone sex your little girl is eagerly waiting for you.




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130811301886a06dozWelcome to my naughty adventures I hope you enjoy reading about my sexual adventures as much as I loved writing about them. How could you not right? Some will be about my sexy calls some will be about my real time experiences. So get that cock out and enjoy, Oh don’t forget to give me a call when you can’t take it anymore and you need to shoot your hot load. I really want to taste it, why waste it by not hearing my sexy voice? 1-888-40-bunny for incredibly hot sexy phone sex at it’s best.



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