Posted by: alluringalyssa | December 5, 2009

Phone Sex Masterbation

Don’t you just love hearing a women playing with her hot wet pussy when you call her for naughty Phone Sex? I get so excited when my phone rings wondering who is on the other end and if I get the pleasure of running my fingers down between my legs and playing with my slick wetness. I get even wetter when he tells me he is stroking his big hard cock and I can actually hear him stroking. I have to put my phone down between my legs so he can hear my juices as I slide my fingers in and out, fucking my hot pussy for him, wishing it was his big hard cock sliding in and out of me. My fingers fuck myself faster and harder as he tells me how hard he is pounding me, deeper they slide in, my breathes get deeper, my moans louder as I know he his getting closer to cumming for me. OMG when he shoots that big load I cram my fingers so deep inside my pussy and cum with him. MMM then I just have to taste myself, telling him how yummy I taste and I wish he could taste me right now too. Yes I have toys if you want to hear me fuck myself with them as well but I really love getting my fingers sticky wet with my juices.

Just thinking about it makes me so hot and wet for you right now. Why don’t you pick up that phone and call me or me and one of my sexy friends and let’s have some hot sticky phone sex together? I am so horny and I need you right now honey.


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