Posted by: alluringalyssa | November 19, 2009

My stalker and my rapist

It was such a nice cool night that I thought it would be nice and refreshing to leave the window of my bedroom open a bit when I went to sleep. After all nothing bad has ever happened in my quite neighborhood and I felt safe. I love the feel of a slight breeze on my bare skin when I am sleeping I totally sleep like a baby.

I was in the middle of a hot sexy dream where I was between the legs of my totally hottie best friend who I had lusted after most all my life but unfortunetly she is totally straight and wouldn’t even think about being with another women no matter how waster I got her. So that is what made the dream so hot because I was finally doing what I have wanted to do for such a long time. She was moaning and pulling my head deeper into her hot lil pussy when all of a sudden your hand wrapped around my mouth and I heard you whisper in my ear “Don’t even think about trying to scream bitch, if you do I will slap the fuck out of that pretty lil face of yours”. My eyes flew open instantly but you had your body to the back of me and I had no idea who you where. ” I am going to rape the fuck out of you slut and you are not going to say a word to anyone when I am done. In fact you will probably like my nice thick cock so much that you will be begging for more before I am done with you.” All I could do is whimper that I would not do anything to fight you, I was terrified of the consequences.

I felt you pull the pillowcase off my pillow and wrap in around my head before you pushed me down on my stomach and lifted my ass up in the air. You kept telling me you had been waiting to get a piece of my ass for so long while you had been watching me for all these weeks and your cock was so rock hard , you was going to fuck my ass, tear me apart. I felt your cock plop out of your pants when you unzipped them and pulled them down just enough to free your cock. I was really hoping you was trying to scare me with saying you was going to fuck my ass, cause it was huge and it was really going to hurt.

You didn’t bother lubing up before you started shoving your dick in my ass, I so wanted to scream but all I could do is press my face further into my bed and muffle the noise as best as I could. OMG it hurt so bad, you was so big for my ass, and you had no mercy as you drilled deeper and harder raping me unmercifully. I just wished I could have passed out so I could stop feeling how bad you was hurting me. I love getting ass fucked but I had never had so big before and I just couldn’t take it. I think I must have started to drift off, because I felt you pull my hair and pull my head back and you told me “No bitch you are going to feel every bit of
what I am doing to you.You are not getting off that easy for all the teasing you have done to me after all these years.” I had no idea what I had done to you or who you was, but I realized all I could do is take it and suffer. When you finally unloaded inside my ass and pulled out I felt so relieved, but when you whispered “remember I am watching you and I will take you whenever I want from now on, I knew I was dommed, I was not ever going to feel safe again. I know in the back of my head, moving,changing the locks, or anything I tried was useless. I was now your whenever you wished to use me.

I just love rape fantasies phone sex don’t you? When is the last time you let out your devil side and took just what you wanted? Give me a call and let your wild side have some fun.


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