Posted by: alluringalyssa | November 3, 2009

Pleasure Pain

alyssa bonYes I love the pain you inflicted on me last night. I was so nervous when I  first meet you at the club where you requested I meet you after I answered your ad you posted, looking for a submissive like me to have some fun with. You told me to be dressed in a blood red dress, one short enough to barely cover my ass, no panties or bra.

When I entered the club I felt everyone turn and look at me, I was the stranger, the new girl and you had told everyone that I would be putting on a show tonight for all their entertainment. You snapped your fingers at me I hurriedly walked over to you, you commanded drop, I dropped to my knees in front of you and waited. You told me to look at you, I lifted up my face for you to see me, I was nervous but everthing in my body was on fire, wondering what you was going to do to me. Undress you said , I lifted my dress up over my head and removed it, I was naked, kneeling before you, all eyes on me still, my body was electrified at this point.

You snapped your fingers again and two beautiful ladies, totally naked suddenly appeared next to me, they took my arms and lifted me up guided me to the center of the room, where they told me to lay down and I heard you instruct them to make sure the ropes where nice and tight, you didn’t want me to unintentianly fall and get hurt.  Now my mind was really racing wondering what was to happen next? After the two ladies had me tied, no way I was able to move even a half a inch, two guys appeared and attached another rope onto a pully and they started pulling on the rope, lifting me off the floor,feet first, just til my head was barely off the floor. The slowly turned me in a full circle a couple of times so that everyone could see me,totally naked and helpless to you.

You walked over to me, leather flogger in your right hand,leather whip on the left. The flogger you used on my tits, lightly at first, flicking you wrist faster and hard with each stroke, building up the pleasure pain I felt. After each slap with the flogger you would slap my ass with the whip. Again softer at first but getting harder and harder with each flick of the wrist. The crowd counted for you 1,2,3 … you stopped at 50. You knelt down and whispered in my ear, “how does that feel slut?”, I whimpered back “Very good, sir. Next came the paddle, hitting my ass, the pain shooting through my entire body, the pleasure following. I felt the juices running out of my pussy down my stomach I wanted to cum so badly. You told me I better not dare unless you give the ok, then you lifted me further into the air until my face was staring at your cock, standing straight out. You told me to suck it , and if I was able to suck you off, making you explode down my throat in this akward position you would allow me to cum for the audience we had.

I took your cock and sucked you the best I could with the limited movement, I did manage to get myself into a rocking motion using the rope where I was able to slide my mouth down your shaft and back . You warned me before you was by far a fast cummer and this held true I don’t know how long I swung back and forth sucking your cock but I was in soo much pain, I didn’t think I mouth was going to be able to stay open anymore sucking you when you finally did shoot down my throut. You moaned so loud while you was shooting and you yelled at me to “Cum Now Bitch”. My body went into trembles as I finally released what I so had been needing to do. I actaully squirted soo much cum out of my pussy that by the time I was done, my body was covered in my juices. I was then taking down from the pulley, laying there trying to catch my bearings again, I felt my ankles being untied and my legs roughly spread apart and then I was fucked over and over by every man in the group and I think some of the ladies who had strap on’s .  I  did lose consciousness as when I woke up I was laying there alone, naked, and covered in cum. My body was stiff and all I could so is smile at the pleasure pain I was feeling.

I am up and ready to be used again, call me for some submissive phone sex and use this good slut tonight, I can’t get enough of being used.


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