Posted by: alluringalyssa | October 26, 2009

He was blackmailing her, what a idiot

spe-32_019This summer I went over to my friend Brenda’s house for some sun and down time. Brenda was my married,straight girlfriend who I have been lusting after for a couple of years now, but nothing sexual had ever happened before except some flirting and wishful thinking on my part. UNTIL…

We had been hanging out most the day at the pool chatting and catching up and then her hubby called, next thing I knew she was off the phone with him and pissed and crying. I asked her what was wrong for her to get all upset and she said she thought he was cheating on her. He was always calling saying he was working late, and doing alot more travelling, and convientently she was never able to reach his cell when he was out of town. She was really upset, as she had always been a “good girl” had never thought about cheating and took her vows seriously. I felt so bad for her, I mean what was a suppost to say or do,other then go over give her a hug and try to console her. She seemed to cry on my shoulder for a long time, I guess this had been bothering her for awhile and she just needed to get it out, but this was killing me, my arms wrapped around and and I was so turned on,even though she was so upset, hey what can I say I am not a “good girl” and she was so fucking sexy.

I am not quite sure how it happened, looking back now it just seemed like it was all a blurr but before I knew it she had stopped crying and we was kissing and touching each others bodies like we had been lovers madly in love with each other forever. Brenda’s mouth on my nipples, sucking sent me over the edge more then once and I was thinking her husband had to be a idiot , if she could suck just my tits to orgasm over orgasm what the hell could she do with a cock. That thought quickly passed as she kissed her way down my stomach to take my pussy as hers, I can’t believe she had never been with another women the way she was licking and sucking my clit just like a pro,seeming to know just how to make me go insane cumming so hard for her over and over again. I don’t think there was any way I was going to cum anymore but she just kept fucking me and I kept cumming.OMG so fucking intense.

This girl was a closet freak I found out when she pulled out a double headed dildo and a huge black cock dildo that was soo fucking huge. We spent all afternoon playing with her fun toys. I didn’t think there was anyway I was going to be able to walk when we was done. God you should have seen me stuff that tight lil twat of hers with that big cock , was so fucking hot and sexy. spe-32_049

Anyways, to make this long story just a bit shorter, I found out a week of so later that her idiot husband was having a affair and he wanted out of the marriage, but since he was mega rich and didn’t want to pay up alot, he had been there at the house that day. He knew I was coming over, thought me and her had something going on and he hide upstairs to try and catch us. Well when he seen me and her start to get naughty he pulled out his fucking camera and took mega pics of us. Then the ass, took them to his lawyer, and filed for a divorce claiming infidelity. He blackmailed her that if she fought the divorce all these pic would be leaked out all over the internet and then she would be ruined. She did manage to get him to send her all the pics before the divorce was final but it was a huge loss to her, but was worth it to have the ass out of her life.

Ok so guys, would you have had the frame of mind to not want to come down and join us, or would you have done the same thing as him? Would you rather have two sexy hot women rocking your cock, or settled for stroking your cock just taking pics watching us? Both make for hot sexy phonesex calls though I do have to admit. I think we could have some fun with this don’t you?




  1. I would’ve droppedthe camera and joined you two. licking and rubing you and shoving my dick deep inide you both.

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