Posted by: alluringalyssa | October 20, 2009

Wanna Lick ?

pussy pics

Now doesn’t my pussy look so tastey? I love to rub my hot wetbox several times a day just so I can taste myself. Yes maybe a bit concided but OMG I love the taste of my pussy. I actually crave the taste of my yummy sweet tasting cream. What is even hotter is tasting my juices off your cock after you have fucked me soo good and hard and I have creamed extra hard for you.  I make sure to take my sweet time when your cock is coated with my juices. Starting from the tip of your cockhead and lick my way all down your nice hard shaft. I make sure not to forget your balls,sucking them into my mouth,not wanting to miss one single drop .I also love tasting myself by kissing you after you have giving me a hot wet pussy licking and my juices are smeared all over your face. Sliding my tongue in your mouth tasting myself, smelling my sweet nectar gets me soo much wetter for you to fuck me again. MMM Just now I had to stop typing and reach down and rub my pussy. Yes it is nice and wet, and yes it is ready for you to fuck me baby. Taste me first please, then you will know what I am talking about, how hot and tastey my pussy is.

Call Alyssa for some incredibly hot oral phone sex or for some wet pussy fucking phone sex. I love to put the phone down so you can hear how hot and juicy I am for you honey.Now doesn’t that sound too irresitable to pass up?



  1. Wonder what you taste like darling. . .

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