Posted by: alluringalyssa | September 23, 2009

My Uncle’s Special Niece


I always loved when you would come over cuz you was always would bring me presents every since I could remember. Toys, movies, and real pretty pretty clothes. You would always ask me to go put on my new clothes and model them for you. And of course the little diva I was I was so excited to do that. You would ask me to spin around when you bought me a cute dress, *spin fast so we can see how it fly’s up * you would say. *giggles* Then I would always come give you a big hug and kiss and sit on your lap and cuddle with you while we watched one of my new movies.

When I got older though I was worried you would stop bringing me gifts and not come around as much, I am so happy I was wrong. I love being your little princess. Even when I was 16 you would still bring me pretty clothes and invite me to sit on your lap. *oh Uncle* I would say, * am getting to big to sit on your lap I don’t want to hurt you*. *Nonsensce, you will never be too old to cuddle with me and sit on my lap* you would answer back . For my birthday that year you came over for cake and icecream and bought me a pretty yellow dress and a movie. The movie was called Dream Date and it was about a girl starting to date and her dad would follow her around on her dates to make sure she was being good.  Mom and Dad had to leave for the night and you said you wouls stay with me and keep me company while they was away.

So when they left you said go put on your pretty dress and let’s watch the movie. The dress was so grown up like and it was kinda see through but you told me I looked so adorable in it and you are glad you picked out that one. As we was sitting on the couch watching the movie, you put your hand on my leg and asked me what I would do if I caught you following me around on my dates. *Oh, Uncle you would never do that you are so cool and I know you would never do anything to upset me and you would want me to have fun* *Yes Alyssa, that is true but I just get jealous thinking about you dateing some boy* * I want to be the only special guy in your life.* *You always will be Uncle I promise* I said.

We continued to watch the movie for a bit and when the girls boyfriend in the movie leaned over and kissed her I heard you whisper softly *I want to kiss you like that* *You do? I never have been kissed and since you are the closet man to me ever I want you to be my first kiss** Are you sure?* you asked and I said *Yes* You leaned over and softly kissed my lips, and it felt so nice. I asked you for another one. You kissed me and pulled me closer into you and we kissed what seemed like forever. *I think I need to be going* you said with this strange look in your eyes. * NOOO don’t leave , you are making me feel so good and I don’t want you to stop. * But if I don’t stop and leave now, I am not going to be able to and you are going to get more then you are asking for* you said. *Please don’t leave and stay with me Uncle , show me what you are talking about, show me how much you love me and need me. * That was all the encouragement you needed, and you picked me up and took me upstairs to my room. You laid me on the bed and you pulled my navy blue panties aside and you kissed my pink pussy. You licked me and stuck your tongue inside of me and told me how good I tasted.OMG it felt sooo good. I told you I wanted a turn with you, that I wanted to taste you too. You asked me if I was sure and I begged yes please let me taste. You took your cock out of your pants and said how could I ever say no to you. You told me to open my mouth you was going to slide your cock into my mouth and fuck me. I did as I was told and I felt your hard cock fucking me face , you fucked me so fast and you just couldn’t stop you said it felt too good to finally be doing what you have always been dreaming about doing to me. *I am cumming in my sexy niece’s mouth you screamed* just as you unloaded a huge load of cum for me to taste. MMM I then found out I LOVED the taste of cum. Thank You Uncle for being my first.

Would you like some hot family roleplay phone sex today? Give me a call I love daddies and uncles.  🙂


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