Posted by: alluringalyssa | September 13, 2009

Don’t you want to?












Don’t you just want to see me slide the straps of my sexy new red bra down my arms all the way so that the cups fall off my breasts and you can see my hard erect puffy nipples? Wouldn’t you like to touch them, squeeze my niples between your two fingers, maybe pull on them see how far you can make them stand out? Maybe then you want to take your tongue and lick them. Roll it around and tease me. Make me beg for you to do more. Suck them please I can’t take it anymore. My whole body heats up, my breathe gets deaper, Oh God please I need more. Wrap your lips on my breast and suck them. Hear me moan with desire for you. My hips thrust forward in search of your hand. I need to feel the pressure down there too, your thumb pressed against my clit, feeling the wetness you have created. Thumb circling my bud, I feel my feet leave the floor, my sensces out of control,I float away as you press harder one more time. That is what I crave and needed, that is the release I so wanted. This is you giving me the ultimate pleasure. Now it is time for me to return the favor. I slide down your body,still trying to get my wits about me, hungry for you. I need to taste you, I need to feel you raping my mouth with your cock. I open and I fee you enter. I taste, I ride you with my tongue I fuck you deep with my mouth. Fuck Me, Fuck Me harder I beg you with my eyes. You give me what I beg, you slam into me over and over, you fuck me until it is time for your release. Pounding, spurting, cummingggg. Your knees buckle, you fall next to me on the floor, you whisper that was so fucking hot. You tell me it isn’t over yet, to let you rest and then you will be ready for more. More?  What more in mind do you have for me? I eagerly await for MORE.

You in the mood for some hot oral phone sex, or perhaps some mutual masterbation phone sex? I am ready for you love, I really need to get off now.


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