Posted by: alluringalyssa | September 9, 2009

My Daddy


My first night back to bedtimebunniesand I got to play with daddy. YAY me. I just loves showing daddy how much I love him and making him feel like he is so special and the only man in my life. I know how lonely he has been since mom left and I just couldn’t stand to see him so miserable anymore.

Daddy did try to protest when I asked him if I could sit on his lap, he said I was getting to old,but I seen in his eyes he was happy that I persisted and sat there anyways.Once upn his lap I couldn’t help but snuggle with him and kiss him he really was shocked when I give him a big girl kiss and stuck my tongue in his mouth. he he I whispered to daddy that I wanted to show him how much I loved him and he said he already knew I loved him very much. I don’t think he knew what kinda love I was talking about until I pulled his cock out of his pants that was so hard already and started stroking him. Daddy tried to resist me but once my mind is made up that is it and when I pulled my wet panties aside and planted my pretty pussy on his cock there was no turning back and he starting ramming me and telling me how much he loved fucking his hot lil daughter Alyssa.

I promised daddy I would always be his sweet lil girl to love on whenever he needed me? I can’t wait to love daddy more he is so big and strong and makes me feel so good, especially when he dumps a huge load of cum deep up inside me.  Call me daddy for some more fantasy incest phone sex your little girl is eagerly waiting for you.




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