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Phone Sex Masterbation

Don’t you just love hearing a women playing with her hot wet pussy when you call her for naughty Phone Sex? I get so excited when my phone rings wondering who is on the other end and if I get the pleasure of running my fingers down between my legs and playing with my slick wetness. I get even wetter when he tells me he is stroking his big hard cock and I can actually hear him stroking. I have to put my phone down between my legs so he can hear my juices as I slide my fingers in and out, fucking my hot pussy for him, wishing it was his big hard cock sliding in and out of me. My fingers fuck myself faster and harder as he tells me how hard he is pounding me, deeper they slide in, my breathes get deeper, my moans louder as I know he his getting closer to cumming for me. OMG when he shoots that big load I cram my fingers so deep inside my pussy and cum with him. MMM then I just have to taste myself, telling him how yummy I taste and I wish he could taste me right now too. Yes I have toys if you want to hear me fuck myself with them as well but I really love getting my fingers sticky wet with my juices.

Just thinking about it makes me so hot and wet for you right now. Why don’t you pick up that phone and call me or me and one of my sexy friends and let’s have some hot sticky phone sex together? I am so horny and I need you right now honey.


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My stalker and my rapist

It was such a nice cool night that I thought it would be nice and refreshing to leave the window of my bedroom open a bit when I went to sleep. After all nothing bad has ever happened in my quite neighborhood and I felt safe. I love the feel of a slight breeze on my bare skin when I am sleeping I totally sleep like a baby.

I was in the middle of a hot sexy dream where I was between the legs of my totally hottie best friend who I had lusted after most all my life but unfortunetly she is totally straight and wouldn’t even think about being with another women no matter how waster I got her. So that is what made the dream so hot because I was finally doing what I have wanted to do for such a long time. She was moaning and pulling my head deeper into her hot lil pussy when all of a sudden your hand wrapped around my mouth and I heard you whisper in my ear “Don’t even think about trying to scream bitch, if you do I will slap the fuck out of that pretty lil face of yours”. My eyes flew open instantly but you had your body to the back of me and I had no idea who you where. ” I am going to rape the fuck out of you slut and you are not going to say a word to anyone when I am done. In fact you will probably like my nice thick cock so much that you will be begging for more before I am done with you.” All I could do is whimper that I would not do anything to fight you, I was terrified of the consequences.

I felt you pull the pillowcase off my pillow and wrap in around my head before you pushed me down on my stomach and lifted my ass up in the air. You kept telling me you had been waiting to get a piece of my ass for so long while you had been watching me for all these weeks and your cock was so rock hard , you was going to fuck my ass, tear me apart. I felt your cock plop out of your pants when you unzipped them and pulled them down just enough to free your cock. I was really hoping you was trying to scare me with saying you was going to fuck my ass, cause it was huge and it was really going to hurt.

You didn’t bother lubing up before you started shoving your dick in my ass, I so wanted to scream but all I could do is press my face further into my bed and muffle the noise as best as I could. OMG it hurt so bad, you was so big for my ass, and you had no mercy as you drilled deeper and harder raping me unmercifully. I just wished I could have passed out so I could stop feeling how bad you was hurting me. I love getting ass fucked but I had never had so big before and I just couldn’t take it. I think I must have started to drift off, because I felt you pull my hair and pull my head back and you told me “No bitch you are going to feel every bit of
what I am doing to you.You are not getting off that easy for all the teasing you have done to me after all these years.” I had no idea what I had done to you or who you was, but I realized all I could do is take it and suffer. When you finally unloaded inside my ass and pulled out I felt so relieved, but when you whispered “remember I am watching you and I will take you whenever I want from now on, I knew I was dommed, I was not ever going to feel safe again. I know in the back of my head, moving,changing the locks, or anything I tried was useless. I was now your whenever you wished to use me.

I just love rape fantasies phone sex don’t you? When is the last time you let out your devil side and took just what you wanted? Give me a call and let your wild side have some fun.


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Pleasure Pain

alyssa bonYes I love the pain you inflicted on me last night. I was so nervous when I  first meet you at the club where you requested I meet you after I answered your ad you posted, looking for a submissive like me to have some fun with. You told me to be dressed in a blood red dress, one short enough to barely cover my ass, no panties or bra.

When I entered the club I felt everyone turn and look at me, I was the stranger, the new girl and you had told everyone that I would be putting on a show tonight for all their entertainment. You snapped your fingers at me I hurriedly walked over to you, you commanded drop, I dropped to my knees in front of you and waited. You told me to look at you, I lifted up my face for you to see me, I was nervous but everthing in my body was on fire, wondering what you was going to do to me. Undress you said , I lifted my dress up over my head and removed it, I was naked, kneeling before you, all eyes on me still, my body was electrified at this point.

You snapped your fingers again and two beautiful ladies, totally naked suddenly appeared next to me, they took my arms and lifted me up guided me to the center of the room, where they told me to lay down and I heard you instruct them to make sure the ropes where nice and tight, you didn’t want me to unintentianly fall and get hurt.  Now my mind was really racing wondering what was to happen next? After the two ladies had me tied, no way I was able to move even a half a inch, two guys appeared and attached another rope onto a pully and they started pulling on the rope, lifting me off the floor,feet first, just til my head was barely off the floor. The slowly turned me in a full circle a couple of times so that everyone could see me,totally naked and helpless to you.

You walked over to me, leather flogger in your right hand,leather whip on the left. The flogger you used on my tits, lightly at first, flicking you wrist faster and hard with each stroke, building up the pleasure pain I felt. After each slap with the flogger you would slap my ass with the whip. Again softer at first but getting harder and harder with each flick of the wrist. The crowd counted for you 1,2,3 … you stopped at 50. You knelt down and whispered in my ear, “how does that feel slut?”, I whimpered back “Very good, sir. Next came the paddle, hitting my ass, the pain shooting through my entire body, the pleasure following. I felt the juices running out of my pussy down my stomach I wanted to cum so badly. You told me I better not dare unless you give the ok, then you lifted me further into the air until my face was staring at your cock, standing straight out. You told me to suck it , and if I was able to suck you off, making you explode down my throat in this akward position you would allow me to cum for the audience we had.

I took your cock and sucked you the best I could with the limited movement, I did manage to get myself into a rocking motion using the rope where I was able to slide my mouth down your shaft and back . You warned me before you was by far a fast cummer and this held true I don’t know how long I swung back and forth sucking your cock but I was in soo much pain, I didn’t think I mouth was going to be able to stay open anymore sucking you when you finally did shoot down my throut. You moaned so loud while you was shooting and you yelled at me to “Cum Now Bitch”. My body went into trembles as I finally released what I so had been needing to do. I actaully squirted soo much cum out of my pussy that by the time I was done, my body was covered in my juices. I was then taking down from the pulley, laying there trying to catch my bearings again, I felt my ankles being untied and my legs roughly spread apart and then I was fucked over and over by every man in the group and I think some of the ladies who had strap on’s .  I  did lose consciousness as when I woke up I was laying there alone, naked, and covered in cum. My body was stiff and all I could so is smile at the pleasure pain I was feeling.

I am up and ready to be used again, call me for some submissive phone sex and use this good slut tonight, I can’t get enough of being used.


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He was blackmailing her, what a idiot

spe-32_019This summer I went over to my friend Brenda’s house for some sun and down time. Brenda was my married,straight girlfriend who I have been lusting after for a couple of years now, but nothing sexual had ever happened before except some flirting and wishful thinking on my part. UNTIL…

We had been hanging out most the day at the pool chatting and catching up and then her hubby called, next thing I knew she was off the phone with him and pissed and crying. I asked her what was wrong for her to get all upset and she said she thought he was cheating on her. He was always calling saying he was working late, and doing alot more travelling, and convientently she was never able to reach his cell when he was out of town. She was really upset, as she had always been a “good girl” had never thought about cheating and took her vows seriously. I felt so bad for her, I mean what was a suppost to say or do,other then go over give her a hug and try to console her. She seemed to cry on my shoulder for a long time, I guess this had been bothering her for awhile and she just needed to get it out, but this was killing me, my arms wrapped around and and I was so turned on,even though she was so upset, hey what can I say I am not a “good girl” and she was so fucking sexy.

I am not quite sure how it happened, looking back now it just seemed like it was all a blurr but before I knew it she had stopped crying and we was kissing and touching each others bodies like we had been lovers madly in love with each other forever. Brenda’s mouth on my nipples, sucking sent me over the edge more then once and I was thinking her husband had to be a idiot , if she could suck just my tits to orgasm over orgasm what the hell could she do with a cock. That thought quickly passed as she kissed her way down my stomach to take my pussy as hers, I can’t believe she had never been with another women the way she was licking and sucking my clit just like a pro,seeming to know just how to make me go insane cumming so hard for her over and over again. I don’t think there was any way I was going to cum anymore but she just kept fucking me and I kept cumming.OMG so fucking intense.

This girl was a closet freak I found out when she pulled out a double headed dildo and a huge black cock dildo that was soo fucking huge. We spent all afternoon playing with her fun toys. I didn’t think there was anyway I was going to be able to walk when we was done. God you should have seen me stuff that tight lil twat of hers with that big cock , was so fucking hot and sexy. spe-32_049

Anyways, to make this long story just a bit shorter, I found out a week of so later that her idiot husband was having a affair and he wanted out of the marriage, but since he was mega rich and didn’t want to pay up alot, he had been there at the house that day. He knew I was coming over, thought me and her had something going on and he hide upstairs to try and catch us. Well when he seen me and her start to get naughty he pulled out his fucking camera and took mega pics of us. Then the ass, took them to his lawyer, and filed for a divorce claiming infidelity. He blackmailed her that if she fought the divorce all these pic would be leaked out all over the internet and then she would be ruined. She did manage to get him to send her all the pics before the divorce was final but it was a huge loss to her, but was worth it to have the ass out of her life.

Ok so guys, would you have had the frame of mind to not want to come down and join us, or would you have done the same thing as him? Would you rather have two sexy hot women rocking your cock, or settled for stroking your cock just taking pics watching us? Both make for hot sexy phonesex calls though I do have to admit. I think we could have some fun with this don’t you?



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Wanna Lick ?

pussy pics

Now doesn’t my pussy look so tastey? I love to rub my hot wetbox several times a day just so I can taste myself. Yes maybe a bit concided but OMG I love the taste of my pussy. I actually crave the taste of my yummy sweet tasting cream. What is even hotter is tasting my juices off your cock after you have fucked me soo good and hard and I have creamed extra hard for you.  I make sure to take my sweet time when your cock is coated with my juices. Starting from the tip of your cockhead and lick my way all down your nice hard shaft. I make sure not to forget your balls,sucking them into my mouth,not wanting to miss one single drop .I also love tasting myself by kissing you after you have giving me a hot wet pussy licking and my juices are smeared all over your face. Sliding my tongue in your mouth tasting myself, smelling my sweet nectar gets me soo much wetter for you to fuck me again. MMM Just now I had to stop typing and reach down and rub my pussy. Yes it is nice and wet, and yes it is ready for you to fuck me baby. Taste me first please, then you will know what I am talking about, how hot and tastey my pussy is.

Call Alyssa for some incredibly hot oral phone sex or for some wet pussy fucking phone sex. I love to put the phone down so you can hear how hot and juicy I am for you honey.Now doesn’t that sound too irresitable to pass up?


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Family Fun Phone Sex

alyssa4455Our sexy cute lil daughter Kitty asked us last night if she could come lay in bed with us. We both looked at each other with that knowing look and said of course honey come lay down here right between Mommy and Daddy. She is so adorable and we both had talked about that it was time she started learning to play games with us. I knew how much you have been lusting after her hot lil body and I couldn’t wait to show her how to please you like a good girl should please her Daddy. Kitty protested about when I was trying to lift up her pretty little nightgown but she also knew that she didn’t want to upset me so, I just told her to relax and we was going to show here some new games. Now look at her laying there naked, doesn’t she just look so sexy and adorable?kitty06

Now Kitty I want you to lean over and kiss Daddy’s cock. Kiss Daddy’s cock? Yes sweetie it is ok kiss it and show Daddy how much you love him. Oh ohhkk Mommy I do love you and Daddy soo much. I heard you moan loadly when our sexy daughter kissed your cock and then I instructed her to take it deeper into her mouth and suck it like a lollipop. Now Kitty does love lollipops so she went to town sucking your cock as if it was the best candy she has ever sucked on before in her life. Now Kitty we are going to play another game. Ok Mommy what is it? I love games Kitty I want you to crawl up and I want to sit your pee pee on Daddy’s cock. Oh but Mommy that is going to hurt. Yes honey it will hurt for a few minutes but then it is going to feel so good. Our daughter was hesitant again but with some encourgement from us she did as she was told to do. I knew you would be patient with her ,popping her cherry, and would mean so much more to her, her first time being with her Daddy. It wasn’t long and Kitty was bouncing up and down your shaft and loving it very much. Was so hot watching you pump a huge load of cum deep inside our naughty lil girl.  We even found out last night she loves the taste of your cum. I have a feeling we are going to be teaching out daughter alot of naughty new games and turn her into a good little fuck toy for us. What do you think?

I just love playing Mommy and turning these cutie pie innocent girls into the nastiest phonesex sluts. Who is going to be the next Daddy to help me ? Give your favorite cutie and me a call so we can teach our daughter some new games.


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Flasher Phone Sex


I just love showing off my sexy body to everyone and especially in public places. I love the look on the men’s faces , like they can not believe what they are seeing and what is even funnier is the women they are with giving me a look of discuss and hurrying you out of there like I am going to get down on my knees right there and suck your cock off and they will lose you to me. They are so worried knowing I am more a woman then they will ever be and there is no way they could compete with a slut like me. I mean come on now, which guy in their right mind wouldn’t want to be with me. I suck cock like a pro( cause I am) LOL and I even swallow, not spit it out like she probably does right? Next time you are out in public look for me, I might be hanging out in the park, on the beach, LOL another fun place I love to flash guys is in the library. Last place you would expect a sexy hottie like me showing you her tits right? You know sometimes I like to just even stand at my window or my door when it is open, with nothing or next to nothing on and see how many people look towards my house and notice me standing there. It really does seem like I am getting more traffic down my street lately, I wonder why? LOL

If you are into a lady who loves to be daring and show off her hot body then you should give me a call for some wild Flasher Phone Sex. I do have some interesting places we can fuck ourselves crazy at , wouldn’t that be such a fucking rush? Come check me out in the chatroom I love to flash in there as well. 🙂

See me soon.


P.S. Don’t forget to check out my specials page I think there might be some specials in there you just might like.

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Guided Masterbation Phone Sex


Come in lover, I want to see you closer. Yes please lay here right on the bed next to me. I turn on my side so that I can watch you. I slowly play with your hard erect nipples as I whisper in your ear that I want you to put on a show for me tonight. I want you to take your hand and slowly run it up and down your growing shaft,MMM thats it nice and slow. Tell me how good that feels lover. Yes that is so sexy too watch you touching yourself for me. Now lover wrap your hand around that cock and pump it for me. I bend down and kiss your nipples while I watch you stroke your cock. Here let me squirt some baby oil on your cock, I want to see it nice and slippery wet. Pump it faster now honey, I love watching your hand work yourself over. Hearing you moan as you fuck your cock with your hand. Your hips lifting off the bed pumping faster as I tell you too. That’s it lover, I lay my head on your stomach and watch you faster, harder, Yes Yes Yes Cum for me. Shot your hot load all over my face and in my hair. MMMM now wasn’t that so fucking hot? Come back again anytime lover, next time you get to watch me.

Guided Masterbation Phone Sex is so hot and sensual I love to hear you stroke for me. I get so hot watching you masterbate for me. Give me a call so we can have some fun. I will be waiting for you.


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My Uncle’s Special Niece


I always loved when you would come over cuz you was always would bring me presents every since I could remember. Toys, movies, and real pretty pretty clothes. You would always ask me to go put on my new clothes and model them for you. And of course the little diva I was I was so excited to do that. You would ask me to spin around when you bought me a cute dress, *spin fast so we can see how it fly’s up * you would say. *giggles* Then I would always come give you a big hug and kiss and sit on your lap and cuddle with you while we watched one of my new movies.

When I got older though I was worried you would stop bringing me gifts and not come around as much, I am so happy I was wrong. I love being your little princess. Even when I was 16 you would still bring me pretty clothes and invite me to sit on your lap. *oh Uncle* I would say, * am getting to big to sit on your lap I don’t want to hurt you*. *Nonsensce, you will never be too old to cuddle with me and sit on my lap* you would answer back . For my birthday that year you came over for cake and icecream and bought me a pretty yellow dress and a movie. The movie was called Dream Date and it was about a girl starting to date and her dad would follow her around on her dates to make sure she was being good.  Mom and Dad had to leave for the night and you said you wouls stay with me and keep me company while they was away.

So when they left you said go put on your pretty dress and let’s watch the movie. The dress was so grown up like and it was kinda see through but you told me I looked so adorable in it and you are glad you picked out that one. As we was sitting on the couch watching the movie, you put your hand on my leg and asked me what I would do if I caught you following me around on my dates. *Oh, Uncle you would never do that you are so cool and I know you would never do anything to upset me and you would want me to have fun* *Yes Alyssa, that is true but I just get jealous thinking about you dateing some boy* * I want to be the only special guy in your life.* *You always will be Uncle I promise* I said.

We continued to watch the movie for a bit and when the girls boyfriend in the movie leaned over and kissed her I heard you whisper softly *I want to kiss you like that* *You do? I never have been kissed and since you are the closet man to me ever I want you to be my first kiss** Are you sure?* you asked and I said *Yes* You leaned over and softly kissed my lips, and it felt so nice. I asked you for another one. You kissed me and pulled me closer into you and we kissed what seemed like forever. *I think I need to be going* you said with this strange look in your eyes. * NOOO don’t leave , you are making me feel so good and I don’t want you to stop. * But if I don’t stop and leave now, I am not going to be able to and you are going to get more then you are asking for* you said. *Please don’t leave and stay with me Uncle , show me what you are talking about, show me how much you love me and need me. * That was all the encouragement you needed, and you picked me up and took me upstairs to my room. You laid me on the bed and you pulled my navy blue panties aside and you kissed my pink pussy. You licked me and stuck your tongue inside of me and told me how good I tasted.OMG it felt sooo good. I told you I wanted a turn with you, that I wanted to taste you too. You asked me if I was sure and I begged yes please let me taste. You took your cock out of your pants and said how could I ever say no to you. You told me to open my mouth you was going to slide your cock into my mouth and fuck me. I did as I was told and I felt your hard cock fucking me face , you fucked me so fast and you just couldn’t stop you said it felt too good to finally be doing what you have always been dreaming about doing to me. *I am cumming in my sexy niece’s mouth you screamed* just as you unloaded a huge load of cum for me to taste. MMM I then found out I LOVED the taste of cum. Thank You Uncle for being my first.

Would you like some hot family roleplay phone sex today? Give me a call I love daddies and uncles.  🙂


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Celebration Phone Sex

index 2

I was hired from your company to come to the office and entertain you and congratulate you on the promotion you receive today rising you up to the vice president!! How exciting for you to get such a promotion like this. They told me that the company was a real open minded place and that I could get a little naughty if I wanted to, that  no one would complain and they really wanted to you have a very good time. This is going to be great I thought to myself.

I walked into your office right as the party was livening up,judging by all the alcohol that I seen being served through out the meeting room and I could tell there was some of the office ladies getting somewhat loosened up and tipsy themself. I knew who you was immediately since you was surrounded by quite a few of these lovely ladies, I am guessing they was hoping to move up with you if they played their cards right.

I walked over to you, all eyes on me now and asked “Rick”? Yes you say. “I have a special treat for you tonight honey” and all cue the music started playing a slow sultry song. I pushed you down into the chair behind you and told you to enjoy. I started swaying my hips back and forth into a sexy stripper dance. I saw you was liking what you was seeing so I turned around and grinded my ass into your face and then sat down into your lap and grinded my pussy on that growing cock.

Everyone was loving the show and yelling at you to go for it, to touch me, to have some fun. I gave you the look to let you know it was ok, and you hand your hands on my naked breasts pinching my nipples, really turning me on. We did so much more that night and put on a hell of a show for your peers. I certainly hope you get a bonus for the show we put on. I know I did. LOL

You have something you are celebrating and you want someone to share your good news with? Call me for all your celebrating and phone sex needs. I am your fantasy girl who will rock your world.


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